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Video Update - Flinders Emerging Companies Fund

by Financial Keys

Please access the video via the link below, featuring Andrew Mouchacca, one of the Portfolio Managers of the Flinders Emerging Companies Fund:

Some of the things we talk about in our meetings with clients and the correspondence we send out, are that we remain comfortable and confident with the investments held in our portfolios. Just as we saw towards the end of 2021, during times of ‘excess’ where there is an overwhelming sense of positivity and often ‘greed’, all boats rise with the tide. This is when we see even poor quality and speculative investments increasing in value. On the flip side, the opposite is true, during times of ‘negativity’ and ‘fear’, all investments feel this impact, even the high-quality ones, where fundamentals haven’t changed.

In the Australian share market, we have seen investors selling smaller companies, resulting in share prices dropping. This has been felt by the Flinders Emerging Companies Fund which is held across a number of the Financial Keys model portfolios. However, this Fund continues to hold good quality stocks with potential for long term positive performance.

To provide an insight into this Fund Manager, how they are viewing the current state of play and the types of companies they are investing into, we requested a video update from the Manager.


June 30, 2022
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