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Corporate Insurance

We are experts at structuring and maintaining effective insurance packages for corporate clients, with over 20 years’ experience in this area. Correctly structured insurances provide valuable peace of mind for executives and employees, allowing them to focus on their career in the knowledge that a safety net exists.

We help corporate clients by managing the group insurance tender process. We provide advice in choosing the most suitable insurance and insurance provider for a business and its employees.

Once a corporate insurance policy is established, we believe it takes particular experience and skill to look after three critical components:

1. Negotiating the most favourable cover

Through our team’s experience in insurance underwriting we are able to help executives receive the best possible outcome when it comes to applying for substantial levels of insurance cover.

2. Assisting with claims

We have deep experience in assisting our clients with insurance claims, helping in every step along the way, during the most important aspect of insurance, receiving a benefit when you most need it.

3. Communicating the benefits

We help companies articulate and promote the value of competitive employment benefits provided to staff.


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