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Investment Management

We follow a methodical investment process – thoughtful financial strategy, meticulous research and an over-arching charter of client goals, needs, concerns and aspirations.

Our method seeks to protect clients from undue risk, excess tax and expense, and subjective decision-making. Many investors make decisions based on fear, greed or hunches – or they can simply procrastinate and allow decisions to be made by default. We remove emotions from the equation to make sound strategic decisions based on experienced judgment backed up by fundamentals and market analytics.

It’s our role to rigorously monitor the markets, the regulatory environment and the assets of our clients, things that are virtually impossible for an individual to accomplish and things that the majority of our clients have either no time or inclination to stay on top of. By keeping our finger on the pulse we can move with stealth to take a proactive stance and to take advantage of changed conditions.

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