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Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Loans

An important piece to the SMSF jigsaw is the application of strategic advice.

Reductions to the superannuation contributions cap have stymied the flow of contributions into superannuation.

However the ability to now borrow money in conjunction with your SMSF, provides a vast array of new opportunities and strategies to continue to grow your SMSF wealth. One application of this opportunity is to allow individuals to ‘contribute’ large sums of money to an SMSF, limited only by their (or their related party’s) financial capacity.

SMSF’s are complex vehicles. Whilst the potential opportunities are many, it is important to take care as the penalties for non-compliance are significant. Getting good advice is key.

Financial Keys specialises in SMSF advice. We can guide you on how to establish a geared SMSF and can help arrange the lending.

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